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Hongkong's first stop: shopping major suit line near the landmark central commercial basic positioning in the high-end consumer groups, the landmark big reputation, brand is more complete, include many Hong Kong only a brand stores, such as: Goyardw, Tanner Krowe, Matthew Williamson etc.. Usually these major suit season discount in 60% 70%, will also have a small amount of 50 percent off of the goods. Second station: Pacific place while the European brands, no landmark so much, but the price is relatively reasonable, is a lot of Hongkong local shops. Especially in the Seibu, Martha and Lane Crawford is located on the ground floor and three department stores, can Amoy to the many reasonably priced first-class goods. Fourth station: the new world center, beautiful new world center the biggest attraction is the major suit low discount, underground layer and trendsetter favorite ISA discount store; Miramar underground layer of M.O.D is the brand sale market, there are Ferre, Gucci and other major suit, even as low as 70 percent off of the good stuff. The money required: usually product is no discount, at most only 10 percent off. Some major suit does not express merchandise discount, you need to ask, often have unexpected harvest. Hongkong people like Gucci more than LV, so the Gucci is cheaper, DFS in the Gucci group purchase 30 percent off discount. Hongkong people like Gucci more than LV, so the Gucci is cheaper, DFS in the Gucci group purchase 30 percent off discount. Beauty Master line first stop: cosmetics here Longcheng pharmacy is complete, the price is still lower than SASA 10%-15%. In addition to people for having heard it many times the big brands, Japanese Parity Drugstore brand SANA series, KOSE, Cetaphil milk mask facial cleanser, is the star product. In addition, L Oreal and Schwarzkopf's salon products, after the discount price is about 50% domestic. Hongkong Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui Granville Road No. 28 (23679274), 10:30 22:00 second station: SASA Bonjour to Hongkong people know, chain of cosmetics stores this two brand throughout Hong Kong Commercial street. To not buy at Longcheng pharmacy to buy cosmetics SASA, basically do not have escaped, the price about 40% lower than the domestic counters, and some are even more. SASA Lancome is the cheapest, Bonjour is the Hong Kong Elizabeth Arden dealers, the natural price at home than other low. SASA Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui shop: 86-88 Nathan Road (23117118), 10:00-23:30 Bonjour Tsim Sha Tsui: Tsim Sha Tsui Carnarvon Road No. 53 (23112338), 10:00-23:30 money required: these cosmetics brand mentioned have shop in Tsim Sha Tsui, basically be to do one stop shopping, can cost a lot of traffic under the. Buy cosmetics to guide to the trial, to lay down more cost-effective. If your favorite brand was not found in these places, you can also find Benefit, Nars, RMK and other brands in the same in Tsim Sha Tsui in Harbour City, and in SOGO in Tongluowan to buy SOFINA, Covermark and other Japanese brands. DFS recommended a station buy big brand if you don't want to fatigued by a long journey, and want to buy enough of all products, DFS is the best choice. Hongkong has two DFS Galleria, located in Tsim Sha Tsui East Sun Plaza shop goods most entire, here are almost all major suit luxury products, and many major suit for DFS customization and selling limited edition products is rare, not to be missed. Fashion Master know to buy cosmetics in the DFS tips: whether to buy skin care products or cosmetics, perfume, select DFS exclusive suits and tourism retail packages, prices are more favorable than the single goods, such as water magnetic suit Clinique magnetic field, water spray containing a water magnetic Cream 75ml, a water magnetic field eye cream 15ml and a 30ml, a set of only HK $390 in Hong Kong, is almost the lowest price. Hongkong Kowloon Tsim Sha Tsui Guangdong Road No. 28 (23026600, 10:00-23:00) Harbour City mingpin discount heaven many people put the first station of Hongkong shopping selected here, the main reason is a word, but really to just know, it is because of the large so go up very hard, often to find a shop to 20 minutes. But Harbour City is also worth a visit, where a collection of brand many, many two or three line and the Volkswagen brand in the procurement of major suit and optional.